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AMI is authorized supplier and installer of vacuum insulated piping in the middle east manufactured by SPS Cryogenics B.V.[Netherlands] SPS is serving the cryogenics industry for several years. SPS Cryogenics B.V. designs, manufactures and supplies complete vacuum-insulated pipeline systems worldwide. For all kind of liquid gases: LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LHY, LHE, CO2 and much more.

SPS Cryogenics B.V. incorporates vacuum super-insulated tee's, elbow's, phase separators, valves or flexible hoses into your system. We meet all safety codes (P.E.D. rules / rules for ship) delivered within budget and time. We provide ongoing service and technical support with a high level of reliability is guaranteed to full satisfaction of our customers.
SPS Cryogenics B.V. is ISO 9001:2000 and VCA certified.


Vacuum Jacketed pipe is consist of an inner carrier pipe in which the cryogenic liquid is transferred, and an outer pipe that supports and seals the vacuum insulation, forming the "Vacuum Jacket". The inner line is secured inside the outer jacket by a series of non-conductive supports. Internal or external expansion joints are used to compensate for thermal contraction of the inner line.

The inner carrier pipe and the outer jacket are made up of SS pipes and tubing’s. The radioactive heat transfer is blocked by multilayer super insulation by wrapping on the inner line. The conductive and convective heat transfer is prevented by vacuuming the annular space between inner line and the outer jacket. The vacuum space is sealed, forming a "static vacuum". The VI ping is guaranteed for free mainatainence for min period of 25 years.

VI piping is built in individual "spool" sections and assembled in the field using either bayonet or field joint connections. Each spool section is evacuated using a combination pump-out / relief port.

Applicable Industries:

Air separation plant.
Medical facilities and pharmaceutical.
Biological storage
Aerospace industry
Industrial gas plants
Food freezing industry
Research Laboratories

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Technical & Safety Data Sheet

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