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Services - Cryogenic/Industrial and Laboratory Gas Piping Systems

Laboratory piping system:

It is mandatory to design and plan the gas supply system very carefully as it affects the quality of the gas for the analysis and high tech production, it is very critical to maintain gas purity throughout the distribution system.

The system is designed to remove all compressed gas cylinders from the laboratory area, relocate them to centralized controlled areas and supply required gases via the piping network to multiple points of location.

AMI has expertise and experienced teams to deliver innovative designs using high-end CAD drawings and custom-made software. The pressure, flow rate and sizes are validated upon testing and commissioning of every gas system using proven methods software.

benefits of a gas distribution system
• Safety
• improved operating economy.
• better working environment
• turnkey delivery

Gas delivery Types the most important factors for all gas users to maintain continues gas supply for their entire period of usage. Any hindrance in the supply may affect experiments procedures, cause a loss of productivity and result in downtime for an entire laboratory. Gas manifolds can minimize or eliminate such costly downtime. The selection of the correct manifold for a given application depends on a number of factors.

Change–Over Method
Different methods are used to affect a cylinder bank change-over. These methods vary considerably in the level of sophistication.

Auto Change-Over Systems
laboratory instrument performance is greatly affected by drop in the delivery pressure to instruments To avoid this problem, the automatic manifold is the best preventive measure to avoid this type of fluctuations in the gas delivery and it is also based on differential pressure.

Manual Change-Over Systems
This change over system required regularly monitored for the cylinder gas depletion. The process side is switched over manually to the gas full bank.

PSA Controlled Manifolds
The uninterrupted gas supply is maintained by using these manifold system to avoid the loss of an entire lab’s in-process experiments or result in a shut-down of production lines. The potential cost of either of these contingencies is high enough to justify the installation of an auto gas delivery system.