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Products - Cryogenic Reciprocating Pumps

Turnkey Cryogenic Installations ,Cylinder filling stations & Back Up Solutions.

"We offer turnkey solutions for the cryogenic installations including cylinder filling stations, de-bulking stations and on site liquid supply stations. These are installed along with back up systems like cryogenic tanks, cryogenic pumps, control panel, vaporizers and cylinder filling manifolds of wide range.. Our turnkey solutions for the cryogenic installations are handled by a team of technical experts, who have vast knowledge in the cryogenic field. The projects are designed as per the budgetary and specifications provided by the clients.

Cylinder Filling Pumps:Service: Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon-
The Cryogenic pumps for oxygen, nitrogen, argon The cryogenic pumps supplied by us are designed by team of technical & industrial experts to deliver best performance. They are manufactured in adherence to the industrial standards and comply to the international parameters of qualtiy & safety.

Range of Reciprocating Pumps:
Type : Reciprocating Cylinder Filling Pumps
Capacity : 200 to 1500 nm3 per hour
Pressure : 35 to 300 bar

Vacuum jacketed cold end to reduce heat and product loss
“Dry” lubricated grease packed bearing
Split drive and housing for easy maintenance access
Extended stem vacuum port with positive seal for improved vacuum integrity
Intermediate purge connection allows for extended packing life
Positive locking drive coupling for improve safety operation

Cryogenic pumps for carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide service.

liq pumped : Carbon dioxide and Nitrous oxide
Applications : Cylinder filling station
Capacity : 150 kg to 1000 Kg/Hr

Tungsten carbide coated plunger
Rugged design
Easy operation
Low NPSH requirement
Minimum maintainence
Non lubricated

Cryogenic liquid centrifugal transfer pumps
Applications : from cryogenic storage tank to tanker vice versa
liquid pumped : Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, Nitrous oxide
Capacity : 150 to 300 liters per min.
Pressure : With differential pressure of 15 bar and above.

Special Features
Low NPSH requirement
Long life mechanical seal
High reliability
Low noise
Minimum maintainence
High hydraulic efficiency
Tin bronze execution for oxygen service