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Services - Bio Banking

Design supply installation and commissioning of cry freezer for biobanking.

AMI has established itself to design ,supply and a commissioning of cryogenic freezers and back up cryogenic storage tanks/liquid cylinders.We have expertise with in depth experience to install , nitrogen backup systems for -80 freezerssimultaneous filling systems for cryo/biobank biorepositories, filling stations, switch over devices, automatic filling stations, emergency stop / O2 detection with alarm and monitoring systems.

• Filling of the back up system

We employsemi-automatic and automatic filling methods for LN2

In the semi-automatic method you insert the filling hose in the container which is equipped with tem sensors,no sooner temp reaches the -193c it closes the isolation valve.
In the automatic method it detects the level of the tank and temperature to control the flow of the liquid.

• Liquid storage tanks are supplied up to 1000 l capacity. We either use individual tank for the freezer or we connect series of the DEWARS by VI piping. Flow is maintained on the basis of processed data from the freezer. I.e. temp and level.

• Installation, Service, Maintenance, Training and 24 hour back-up.