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Products - Automatic Changeover Systems

Automatic Changeover Manifold Control does the work of much larger and more costly automatic gas cylinder changeover controls at a fraction of the cost and size. It is ideal for any non-corrosive industrial, medical or special gas application where uninterrupted supply, reliable operation and rugged performance are required.

The ACMC is fully automatic. When one bank of cylinders is depleted, the second bank automatically takes over with no description of gas service. It does not require operator control. By simply changing the empty cylinders your reserve is ready for the next change. The ACMC itself comes with two ¼” NPT male inlets and one ¼” NPT female outlet for assembly into your own manifold system.

Here are some of the features that make the ACMC the affordable solution for you:
Easy to control since it is fully automatic.
Optional Remote Audio-Visual alarm with red light and buzzer
Individual gauges monitor bank pressure
Installs in minutes
Compatible with all non-corrosive gases
A simple, affordable solution that keeps you up and running at a fraction of the cost of traditional automatic manifold changeover systems.

The ACMC comes standard in Brass. It is presently designed for use only with Oxygen, Air, CO2, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen and other Gases. Two different ACMC models are available to accommodate the needs of both high pressure gas cylinders and liquid cylinders.

The High Pressure unit changes over at 180-200 psi (12.4 – 13.79 Bar)

Materials of Construction:

Body : Available in brass or aluminium
Spool valves : 316 stainless steel
Elastomers : EPDM O-rings (Viton available)
Fittings : Brass
Gauges : Body, brass Bourbon tube, brass
Pigtails : 304 stainless steel braid, Teflon inner tube
Weight & Dimensions : 3” W x 5.5” H x 1.25”D Brass, 11 lbs
Flow Rate : 1500 scfh at 100 psig outlet (Air)
Changeover Pressure : Preset to approx. 200 psig
Maximum Inlet pressure : 3000 psig


Cycle test : 15,000 changeover cycles completed successfully with no external leakage.

Hydrostatic : 11,000 psig obtained with no leakage (All tests completed by IAS labs, division of CSA)

Control Indicators

Bank pressure gauges : 2000 or 4000 psig
Pop out indicators Standard) : Indicates cylinder in use and changeover status.
Remote audio-visual alarm (Optional) : Red light & buzzer indicates changeover: 110/24 vac transformer included.